In a land where no native mammals exist New Zealand was fortunate to have many game animals introduced. Seven species of deer, chamois, tahr, waterfowl and upland game were the most successful liberations of game animals established in New Zealand.


With such a captivating landscape spread across the North and South Island these game animals have added to the breath-taking environment. 

Being located at the top of the South Island Avon Valley Safaris is centrally located to give easy access to hunt all New Zealand’s varied game animals. 

Avon Valley Safaris is a smaller premium hunting experience with hunters and non-hunters requests catered for specifically rather than a large multi-booking lodge. Each week of hunting will be carefully designed to meet each hunter’s needs and requests. Hunters will have the lodge to themselves unless prior arrangement is made. 

Hunting with Avon Valley Safaris is typically spot and stalk and caters to both rifle and bow hunters. Rifle hunters can expect shots between 100-200 yards but the ability to take shots out to 300 yards is an advantage. Bows hunters can expect shots between 10-50 yards. 

Rifles can easily be imported to New Zealand for the duration of your hunt (please see link below).  Alternatively, rifles can be borrowed at no charge.

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Red Stag

The red stag has long been New Zealand’s premier game animal that hunters from around the globe travel to encounter. New Zealand’s reputation for producing quality trophy red stags is continued here at Avon Valley Safaris. With extensive privately-owned properties, we cater to a variety of hunting opportunities. The Manuka covered hill country with lush grass covered clearings provide perfect spot and stalk condition to pursue your quarry with either rifle or bow.


Himalayan Tahr

Without a doubt New Zealand’s king of the mountain and possibly one of the world’s most under-rated alpine trophies. While not native to New Zealand the tahr has made the Southern Alps of the South Island home. A truly magnificent sight when in full winter skin with its striking blonde mane. Avon Valley Safaris hunts tahr exclusively by spot and stalk on foot without the use of helicopter to truly capture the beauty of these animals and the country they inhabit. With our prime hunting areas, foot hunting tahr with Avon Valley Safaris is hugely successful. An ideal hunt on its own or paired with other New Zealand trophies. 


Alpine Chamois

Sharp-eyed and nimble the alpine chamois graces the rocky crags of the high-country of New Zealand’s South Island. Fawny brown in colour in the summer months to jet black in the winter the chamois is an attractive animal to hunt in either season. One of the more difficult animals to obtain in New Zealand yet with careful planning and good fitness success can be achieved. Avon Valley Safaris local region of Marlborough is well known for producing some of New Zealand’s largest chamois. If you are looking for a challenging yet rewarding alpine foot hunt then hunting chamois will tick all the boxes. 

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Fallow Deer

The crafty fallow deer live side by side with our magnificent red stag making combination hunts very achievable. Featuring moose-like palmated antlers and varying in a range of colours from white, black and the more common fawny brown the fallow buck is an elusive trophy. With excellent trophy potential hunting fallow buck with Avon Valley safaris has quickly become one of the most popular hunts. 


Arapawa Sheep

Featuring one of New Zealand’s true free-range herds of Arapawa sheep, Avon Valley Safaris offers some of the best ram hunting available. Breeding herds of ewes and lambs and bands of rams are encountered daily and provide a significant challenge to obtain a real twister ram. While not huge in statue the black to grey features of the Arapawa ram make a unique trophy. 


Feral Goat

The wily billy goat features regularly on the Avon Valley Safaris properties. Ranging in a variety of colours the stout billy goat inhabits the rocky outcrops to the Manuka valleys. A great way to wrap up your hunt at Avon Valley Safaris with trophy hunts for billies to cull/management hunts available. 


Feral Boar

Ever present but tough to catch in the open the feral boar holds good numbers on our Avon Valley properties. If you’re into a challenge and the excitement of the chase then hunting boar over bailing dogs is a must. A regular activity at Avon Valley Safaris to help control feral pig numbers. 


Elk / Wapiti

Closely related to our red stag, elk or wapiti as they are more commonly known in New Zealand make another unique trophy to pursue. Our largest deer species often producing trophies with traditional throwback antlers to more unique crowned configurations. 


Sika, Rusa and Sambar Deer

Sika, Rusa and Sambar round out our deer species. Hunted solely in the north island they present a challenging hunt for the sportsman looking to round out there South Pacific trophies. Please inquire and we can put together your North Island adventure.


Wing shooting - Waterfowl, Upland Game and Turkeys

Avon Valley Safaris is proud to offer hunters a variety of wing shooting options. Popular as a combined hunt with pursuing big game we can offer field and pond shooting for Paradise Ducks, Mallard and walk-up flush shooting of Californian Quail. Traditional turkey hunts and spot and stalk hunts are also a popular feature with Avon Valley Safaris.